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2014 Film Favorites

2014 Film Favorites

I have to admit, since having a second child that my movie watching has hit an all-time low but there were some serious gems in the year that was 2014. Although any time that Wes Anderson releases a new film I probably call it a good year. I’m very excited to watch the Fantastic Mr. Fox with my sons in the near future if my wife could stomach it for 2 hours. What the cuss!?

So instead of pretending that I have a great list of must watch movies I’ll refer to the people’s choices via Letterboxd. Since The Grand Budapest Hotel (currently available on HBO Go) was the most popular pick on Letterboxd I will gladly hand out a ringing endorsement. The website has a delightful design so you won’t regret taking a moment to enjoy it.

It’s always a good night for a movie night.

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