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Web Design

Having spent several years creating online Flash advertising, I’m well versed in Flash animation. During its hey day it took over the web and could rarely be avoided on a stroll through the internet. Now that HTML5 can use elements and scripts to recreate many of the wonders that Flash once provided Adobe has announced that the SWF will be forever gone as soon as 2020 rolls around.

Goodbye, my friend.

Read Flash and the Future of Interactive Content

It’s funny how much we naturally want to assimilate. Blame your subconscious if you want, but deep down in the back of your mind you want to be just like everybody else. Designers are supposed to innovate and come up with creative solutions but still fulfill that need to be accepted. Which is part of the reason that every website looks the same, and that’s ok. Website design is moving in a direction that is more homogenous but the end user is the one that reaps the rewards.


Runner’s Gate was a great client to work with and let me run wild with the design details. Humor is difficult to pull off in design because of vastly different opinions on what is funny. RG had a ‘why we run’ section that I paired with old yearbook photos and we both loved the end result. Love handles and beehives are funny. At least to us, anyway. If you’re in the Minneapolis area, buy your running shoes from Runner’s Gate.