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Fast Eddie’s – Wild Food Pairings

Fast Eddie's

Fast Eddie’s – Wild Food Pairings

Hot dogs + Bacon = Yes. Milk + Orange Juice = Not so much. There are quite a few different food options at Fast Eddie’s that could trigger a gag reflex but I’m pretty certain that is what they are aiming to do. The cook (Eddie) and the waiter (Ed) pull together menu items with what they have on hand. You might get lettuce soup, banana ice cream or tacos and asparagus. It’s a complete and total crap shoot which is why I can’t stop going back.

I’ve interviewed Ed about the hours of operation many times but he is very reluctant to nail anything down. From what I can tell they are open on Thursday – Saturday from 10am to 4pm, except during nap time. Those hours are subject to change at a moment’s notice. The one staple of stability would be their menu, logo and branding elements are all on point. Whoever designed their corporate identity package did a great job of collecting the fragmented menu into cohesive communications.

If you’re in a daring mood, I would highly encourage a trip to Fast Eddie’s. If it is open, you will have a dining experience that you will not forget. 5/5 stars